Fokus Praha


The mission of Fokus Praha is to support people experiencing mental health problems in their efforts to manage their lives independently and find opportunities for self-fulfillment within
their community.

The aim of Fokus Praha is to support people experiencing mental health problems
in their efforts to:

  • Live their lives independently within society, i.e. have social and family relations, housing and employment
  • Apply their talents, skills and strengths and set the direction of their lives
  • Maintain their life perspective and existential stability
  • Fulfill their basic material needs
  • Take care of their health and medication
  • Get involved in cultural, free time and educational activities

In order to fulfill its aims Fokus Praha:

  • Provides professional social and health services in form that is accessible for people experiencing mental health problems
  • Works in community and with community
  • Advocates for the rights and interests of people experiencing mental health problems
  • Raises awareness on mental health and promotes openness and social acceptance of people experiencing mental health problems
  • Manages financial means aimed at supporting people experiencing mental health problems and uses them effectively in accordance with its mission and aims
  • Organizes educational programs for its employees, professionals and general public
  • Strives to increase quality of the services and ensure general development within the field of mental health care
  • Initiates and actively participates on the establishment of regional system of care for people experiencing mental health problems


Target group

Our target groups are adults experiencing mental health problems, mainly but not only people with psychotic symptoms.

We help

SocialniSluzbyWe are unique in the range and complexity of services provided for people experiencing long-term mental health problems
in the Czech Republic.

We offer social and medical services in five centers in Prague and one in the town Mělník.

The Community Team "Karlín" provides registered social services designed for people with mental health problems. Our aim is to help them cope with their illness so that they can live in (or return to) their home environment. For English-speaking social worker, call 778 724 332.


We educate

P2191085We provide education for specialists, general public and people experiencing mental health problems.

The trainings are provided by Fokus Centre of Education. You can find a list of currently offered curses and seminars on (in Czech only).

We organize so called Weeks of Mental Health every year. The main aim is to inform general public about mental health issues and about activities of organizations engaged in the field of social-medical support. Through this we aim to raise awareness of general public and increase acceptance of Czech society towards people experiencing mental health problems. You can find a program of the annual nationwide event Weeks of Mental Health on

Crazy? So What!

We co-operate with German organization Irrsinnig Menschlich on international project Blázníš? No a! (Crazy? So what!) aimed at prevention of mental health problems and de-stigmatization amongst high-school students. During so called “school days”, students get acquaint with mental health, illness and crises themes. You can find more about the project on


We run social enterprises

Zahrada web 3We run four social enterprises - Jůnův statek (Jůn's Homestead), Prádelna (Laundry) and Zahrada (Garden)
and Rukodělná (Handmade).

Social enterprise is engaged in business activities on regular market. Unlike usual enterprise it aims to employ people who have difficulties in finding and/or keeping their job because of health or social issues they experience. Social enterprise respects the specific needs of its employees and makes effort to draw on their potential as much as possible. For more about social enterprises visit the web site of Platform of social enterprises


Support us

We are grateful for any kind of support.

  • You can support us through portal
  • You can also send your financial gift to our public collection: 77070277/0100
  • We organize fundraising events, for example Fashion for Fokus, where you can take part.


Professional activities

We take active part in the process of transformation of psychiatric care in the Czech Republic.
For more info visit (in Czech only).


International cooperation

We are members of several eminent international organizations:

Mental Health Europe (
World Federation for Mental Health (https://www.wfmh.globall/)
International Mental Health Collaborating Network (IMHCN)
Social Firms Europe (CEFEC) (
ENSIE -The European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (

About us

Fokus Praha is a member of Czech platform of NGOs working on the topic of mental
health Fokus ČR.